2 "Man" Mountain Tent

You couldn't find a better value in a tent of this size.

The 2 "Man" Mountain Tent is a special purpose tent Designed to provide shelter for two-soldiers operating in extreme cold, wet and mountainour regions.

This tent is fabricated from a lightweight , cotton/nylon blend fabric.  The fabric is olive drab on one side and white on the other so that the tent may be reversed for camouflage purposes by exposing the appropiate color when used above or below the tree line.  Each end of the tent contains a sleeve entrance tunnel and a ventilator.  The tunnel entrance is enclosed with insect screening for protection from mosquitoes and for additional ventilation.  This durable construction and double reinforced panels adds to the value of this tent. 

Dimensions:  4' 6" wide, 6' 10" long and 3' 7" high
Floor Area:  26.25 sq ft
Weight:  Tent                  6.0 lbs.
              Poles and Pins  3.5 lbs.
              Total Weight     9.5 lbs.
Ship Cube: 0.7

8340-01-059-2430  Tent complete with pins and poles sections and adapter pole
8340-00-261-9749  9" Tent Pin (6 each per tent) 
8340-00-222-3339  Adapter Pole (2 each per tent)
8340-00-223-7849  Pole, Section (12 per tent) 

    updated October 2, 2001